Our aim is to provide you with the most suitable service.
Coinads' own SDK will be your best choice for monetization.
Integrate the Coinads mobile advertising SDK for Android and iOS apps to rapidly boost your revenues.

Local optimized player combined with preload technology can deliver a fluent user experience;

The lightweight SDK ensures abundant functions and simple operation.

Easy and fast integration owing to the convenient interface with multi-version compatibility.

If you have enough traffic, welcome to our platform. Coinads also provide the aggregated SDK service.

Aggregate publishers from multiple industries and combine them randomly.

Uniform interface and rapidly integration.

Support diversified configuration for various publishers and maximize the traffic monetization.


Build your app and submit for approval

Instantly communicate your requirements with us

Prepare customized SDK;

Integrate SDK into our platform.

Complete the test and generate benefits;

Monetization Management Platform
Coinads can provide you the professional management platform
Register publisher account
Learn algorithm and optimize strategy to maximize the benefit
Benefits generation
Data feedback and benefits observation
Strategy allocation
Manual allocation
App creation
Create and manage your app
Embed custom SDK and make on-line testing
White List
Intelligent Hosting
Data service
The platform will allocate your traffic and make constant optimization based on data to generate the maximum benefits.
The detailed data tracking system can help you analyze user behaviors and improve the conversions.
You can set up multiple custom white lists and check the campaigns anytime. Publishers can examine the quality of advertising and Advertisers can view the status of campaign.
Initiative Ads
We provide various cutting-edge advertising forms for you to choose the most appropriate form based on the characteristic of your app.
Register publisher account
Benefits generation
Data feedback and benefits observation
Strategy allocation
Manual allocation
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